Token Generator

This page has been removed due to recent Twitch API Changes

For more information about the changes that Twitch made, you can see their post about that via clicking here.

Basically, these changes that Twitch made to their API, turns OAuth Token Generators into paper weights, because you would need my Client ID in your app.
So if you understand how to add a Client ID into the application you’re going to use the OAuth Token for, then you probably know how to make a OAuth Token.

Therefor, this OAuth Token Generator is basically pointless to have on the internet. I’d expect all other OAuth Token Generators to be removed from the internet soon as well.

If you need a new OAuth Token for the Streamlabs Chatbot Clip Command Script, please see this page here.

However, I would suggest you stop using that script and use the New and Updated Clip Command API, which you can find via clicking here.