Twitch oAuth Token Generator - 11,827 views


oAuth Tokens are mainly used for Chat Bots! Most token generators only give chat permissions to send messages!
This one will give you full access to your account so you can do more with your bot! We never save tokens on our server!
If you lose your token, you can just generate another token!
Make sure to remove the old connection from your twitch > settings > connections so the old token will not work!
Don’t share your token with other people, keep it safe!

– NOTE –
If you generated a token for the Clip Command Script, or any other location and were sent here, then the token you generate will only have the permissions you accepted to on Twitch. If you need a new token, generate it from the script you originaly generated it from and you will be sent here for a new token with the same permissions. If you click the generate button on this page, it will generate a “GOD Token” that has full permissions to you account. Also again, don’t share your token with other people!