My PC Setup and Part List!

Below are the Core Parts in My PC Build

Below are the Main Peripherals in My PC Setup

Below are the Other Accessories in My PC Setup

~ Some of the details that I should probably mention ~

I’m currently running DUAL 2080’s & QUAD Monitors
CableMod Sleeved Cables on everything (They are not extensions)
I’m using 6 Corsair QL 120’s for intake and 4 LL 120’s for exhaust
I also have 1 Corsair QL 140 mounted to cool the dual GPUs when Mining
I also have DUAL Samsung SSD’s plus the Samsung M.2 SSD
Quad Channel 8x8GB (64GB) Corsair Ram @ 3200MHz
Dual Logitech Brio Webcams (1 Face & 1 Setup)
Plus a Logitech c922 (Used as a Hand Cam)
I replace my keyboard & mouse a lot due to liquor spills
I also have duplicate parts for almost everything (Building a 2nd PC)
Almost every cable is high end, such as all Anker USB Cables for example
I’m using 2 IKEA Desks to make the L shaped desk, which has held up for 5+ years now
My Laptop and All the Monitors are mounted with VIVO Monitor Mounts, they are very sturdy
Gaming Laptop is from Digital Storm (i7-8750H + GTX 1070 + 500GB Samsung M.2 + 16GB Corsair Ram)
Plus a Microsoft Surface Go 2 to display my PC Loads & Temps in real time with a custom program I made
All Lights in the room are Phillips HUE and nearly everything is tied into Voice Commands via Alexa

I’m sure there are other things that I forgot, feel free to ask me anything.
But I’m not really to sure how detailed people want me to get with everything.
I will try to keep this list updated as much as I can when I make changes to my setup.

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