My e-Bike and Part List!

Some Basic Information

52V 18Ah Battery | 1000w Hub Motor with a 2000w Peak | Max Speed: 37Mph Tested w/GPS.
Max Range: 20-25 Miles Per Battery without Pedaling going Max Speed (I have Dual Batteries so 40-50 Miles).
My Personal Longest Ride with Dual Batteries is 45-50 Miles, with very little to no pedaling and still had some charge left.
Note: These Speeds and Ranges will very depending on many things such as hills, temperature, rider weight and much more.

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My Helmet and Helmet Accessories

Turn Signal Related Things

Other Parts and Accessories

Things for My Custom 12v Battery in the Tank Bag

Things I Almost Forgot to List

Some Pictures from My Travels

More Current Images Coming Soon!

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