Twitch Clip Command Script — Only for the Streamlabs Chatbot

Important Notice

This script is no longer maintained, due to the release of the New Clip Command API.
The New Clip Command API supports nearly every Twitch Chatbot that’s out!

Let your viewers use the !clip command!

So, what does this script do?

It will allow you and/or your viewers to create clips on your stream with a command of your choice. This will create a clip of the last 30 seconds of what was seen on your twitch channel, as if you had clicked the “clip stream button” in the Twitch video player. The clip will then automatically be posted/embeded into your Twitch chat, with the option to post it into the Discord chat.

How to Install! Tutorial via: ALazyMeme

Download Link

The script is not working, how do I fix this?

Did you save and enable the script? Is this the first script you’ve used? If so, make sure you’ve read the Streamlabs Chatbot Documentation and have correctly done all the required steps needed, in order to use scripts. You need to have Python 2.7 installed to use scripts.

Chat API / Client ID / Not Live / Errors!

This means something went wrong on Twitch’s end or you screwed something up.

When you generate a oAuth Token for the script:
You need to make sure you’re logged into Twitch with the account that you’re streaming on.
Otherwise the script will be trying to take clips of the wrong stream.
Also make sure to SAVE the script settings, after you add your token.

No points error or any other error for that matter:
You should fully delete the script, and reinstall it, problem fixed.

Changing the discord channel for clips?

Unfortunately not possible at this time. Currently the ability to do that is not build into the Streamlabs Chatbot at this time.
Basically it’s limited to the channel that you have set in the Streamlabs Chatbot Discord Settings unless they change how that works.

Can I edit or delete a clip that was created?

You can go to: & now you will be able to edit and/or delete any clips that have been created on your channel.
Also, it’s not possible to have a clip named at the time of making the clip, due to API limitations on Twitch’s end of things.

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