Twitch Clip Command — Let your viewers use the !clip command!

Generate a Chat Command that will Create Clips on your Twitch Channel!

Currently supports chatbots such as, but not limited to: Phantombot, Pajbot, Nightbot, Streamlabs Chatbot (Ankhbot), Streamlabs Cloudbot, Scorpbot, Botisimo, StreamElements, Ohbot, Fossabot, Deepbot and any other Twitch Chatbot with ReadApi functionality.

Streamers that are using the Clip Command on their channel

Here are some examples of Streams using the Clip Command

Got a clip you want showcased here? Send it to me via discord, email or leave the link below in the comments and I can embed it later.

General Information / Frequent Questions / Etc..

I made the first clip command script that was ever heard of on Twitch, which was sadly limited to users who used that bot.
So it’s only right that I create a great API so it could be used on nearly all bots, so all streamers could make clips easily.

Things that can not be done, due to Twitch API limitations:
Naming Clips when using the command and Assigning Clip Creator when the command is used

Bots that are known to work with Thumbnail Generation:
Phantombot and Pajbot and I believe Streamlabs Chatbot (Ankhbot)

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