Twitch Clip Command

Generate a Chat Command that will Create Clips on your Twitch Channel!

Currently supports chatbots such as, but not limited to: Phantombot, Pajbot, Nightbot, Streamlabs Chatbot (Ankhbot), Streamlabs Cloudbot, Scorpbot, Botisimo, StreamElements, Ohbot, Fossabot, Deepbot and any other Twitch Chatbot with ReadAPI functionality.

I made the first clip command script that was ever made for Twitch, which was sadly limited to users who used the bot it was created for.
So it’s only right that I create a nice and easy to use API, so it could be used with nearly all bots. Because things shouldn’t be limited.

This page is not designed to work on mobile browsers, but if you switch your mobile browser to “desktop site” mode, it should work much better and be easier to use. However I still suggest you set this up via your computer, not a mobile device.

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What channel do you want to clip?

Enabling Clip Thumbnail Generation is Not Recommended. This will not work with nearly any cloud based bots.

See the Frequent Questions Tab for a more detailed overview of what enabling thumbnail generation does.

NOTE: Clip Thumbnail Generation is Automatically Disabled for Cloud based bots, since it will not work with them anyways.

Message from SOWHOYOUdotCOM

OAuth Tokens are Never Saved on Our Servers!
See the Information Tab for details about URL Encryption.

Twitch API Documentation and Resources

Click Here to View/Edit the Clips Created on/via Your Channel.
Click Here to Review All Apps with Access to Your Account.

Examples of Discord Posting Formats

There are technically 3 ways that Clips can be posted into Discord at this time.
Here I will show an example of how those will look depending on what you choose.

The default method: CodeBlock

This method is recommended, as it will work with all Chat Bots, but I do plan to improve it in the near future.

The second method: Embed – Without Thumbnail Generation

This method is not recommended, nor is it not-not recommended. It just doesn’t look that good in my opinion.

The third method: Embed – With Thumbnail Generation

This method is not recommended, as it will not work with any Cloud Based Chat Bots (Basically Most Bots).
This will work with: DeepBot, Pajbot, Phantombot and the downloadable version of Streamlabs Chatbot.
Note: When thumbnail generation is enabled, clips take about 15 seconds before posting in chat and/or discord.
If you are a chatbot developer: Please contact me so we can resolve this issue. Your clients would love you for it if you do.

Some of the most common questions

What does this do?

It’s a command you can add to your chatbot that creates a clip of the last 30 seconds.
Very helpful for mobile viewers, so they don’t have to leave the stream when clipping.

Can I change the length of the clip?

No, that is not possible with the Twitch API.

Can the clips be created by the person who used the clip command?

No, that as well is not possible with the Twitch API.

Can I name/title the clips when using the command?

No, that is also not possible with the Twitch API.

Why do some clips say:
” Whoops. Something went wrong. This clip is no longer available “

This would be an issue on Twitch’s end of things, sometimes they just give back clip links that are invalid.
Sadly there is not really an easy fix for this. It’s something that can’t really be avoided, but it is kind of rare.

What does this mean:
” Discord Webhook URL (Posts your Clips to your Discord Server) “

This allows you to post the clip to your discord server as well as your twitch chat.
To use this, simply go to your discord server, then create a webhook for the channel you want the clip posted in.
You can set a custom name and image, those will not be overridden when the webhook is posted.

Why does it say:
” Clipping is not possible at this time! If the stream just went live or restarted, try again later. “

Chances are you just went live, try again in a few minutes. This message replaces: “Clipping is not possible for an offline channel.”
Or maybe you have the command made for the wrong channel. If so, try generating a new link and update the reply in your chatbot.

Why does it say:
” OAuth Token Expired! Update your Clip Command at: ”

OAuth tokens expire after 60 days, so this is normal. This message replaces: “Must provide a valid Client-ID or OAuth token”.
You just need to click on the link provided, which will take you to the page where you can update your clip command.

What does enabling thumbnail generation do?

Enabling Clip Thumbnail Generation is Not Recommended. It does work, but it will not work with nearly any cloud based bots.
Such as, Streamelements, Nightbot, Streamlabs Cloudbot and others. Disable this if you have any issues with your bot not responding!
The only bots I know for sure that Clip Thumbnail Generation will work for are: DeepBot, Pajbot, Phantombot and Streamlabs Chatbot.

But basically… It creates a loop, where it tries to ping the Twitch API to see if the clip exists.
That delays the posting of the clip in the chat, to give it a working thumbnail.
This has a fail safe cutoff at 20 seconds, but it should reply much sooner.
Typically it will take about 10-15 seconds for the clip to be verified.
This will not work for most cloud based bots, but you can try.
If needed, generate a new link and update the reply in your chatbot.

Other information about this API

If you’d like to show some support.

The best way would be to link people to this page.
Share it on your social media or link here in your Twitch Panels.

If you’re feeling really nice, you could always donate or subscribe.
Anyways, I just hope you enjoy the clip command, happy streaming!

Enabling Clip Thumbnail Generation is Not Recommended.

This is simply because it does not work with most chatbots.
Other than that, it looks bad in chat, waiting up to 10-15 secs for reply.

Clip Command API URL Encryption & How It Works!

This is kinda simple but not really, so I will make this as short and as simple to understand as possible.
Basically, I’m using a AES-128-OFB Encryption to hide the Twitch OAuth Token and Discord Webhook URL.
You can read more about what that means at:
Basically, your information is encrypted before you get your Clip Command API URL, then decrypted every time you make a clip.
The only way the OAuth Token or Webhook URL can be decrypted, is via the dual encryption keys stored on a secure server.
There is theoretically no way anyone will ever get your OAuth Token or Webhook URL even if they have your API URL.

Excessive Clipping and/or Automating the Creation of Clips with this API is Not Allowed!

I highly suggest adding a global cooldown or a user cooldown to your chatbots clip command.
As a streamer, you should know when too many clips are being made on your streams.

I do understand that some streamers have lots viewers and sometimes lots of clips get made.
This is not directed to those type of streamers and/or clips that are being created, so don’t worry.

This is more or less directed to the streamers creating more clips in one stream then the amount of followers they have.
If you the streamer are creating dozens of clips yourself each stream, then chances are the clips are not worth watching anyways.

See the Clip Command API Terms of Service below for more information on this topic.

Clip Command API Terms of Service

Excessive Automation of this API will be blocked and you will be banned from this API.
Example of Excessive Automation: Auto Clipping every 10-30 seconds for an extended duration.

Why: There is no reason to Automate Clips at that speed, there are Twitch VODS for that.

Single User Clipping at a high volume will be blocked and you will be banned from this API.
Example of Single User Clipping: The streamer themselves are creating 50-100+ clips every stream for compilation videos.

Why: There is no reason to make that many clips yourself. If want to make a YouTube video, Download and Edit your Twitch VODS.

NOTE: Banning people from this API is not something I ever want to do, but flooding the server with pointless clips is unacceptable.

Here are some channels that use this API

I say some channels, because not all channels are listed here. Some channels have been filtered out for different reasons.
This auto updates every 30 mins or so. If your channel is listed here and you want it removed, please contact me.

Fetching Current Stats! Please Wait!

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Is there a fix for the “failed to get client ID” error message.


Hello there! Is there any chance to post links in a discord just like usual messages? For now its really hard to find right clip (cuz they are look the same)


hey dude,
i got an error when i post the webhook link:
“Enter a Valid Discord Webhook URL or Leave Empty to Disable!”

i tried with different discord webhooks but always get this error.
How to fix it?



Awesome stuff. I just wanted to find out if it’s possible to name the clip at the same time. So “!clip {title}” eg: !clip Great shot.
So it would create the clip and give it a title.


Do you believe there is any chance that the twitch will release in the api to increase the time of the captured clip and the possibility of placing a title?

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!