Clip Command Script for the Streamlabs Chatbot FAQ’s


So, what does this script do?

It will allow you and/or your viewers to create clips on your stream with a command of your choice. This will create a clip of the last 30 seconds of what was seen on your twitch channel, as if you had clicked the “clip stream button” in the Twitch video player.

The clip will then automatically be posted/embeded into your Twitch chat, with the option to post it into the Discord chat, if you’ve enabled the discord connection in your Streamlabs Chatbot connection settings.

Changing the discord channel for clips!

Unfortunately not possible at this time. Currently the ability to do that is not build into the Streamlabs Chatbot at this time.
Basically it’s limited to the channel that you have set in the Streamlabs Chatbot Discord Settings unless they change how that works.

Can I edit or delete a clip that was created?

You can go to: & now you will be able to edit and/or delete any clips that have been created on your channel.
Also, it’s not possible to have a clip named at the time of making the clip, due to API limitations on Twitch’s end of things.

The script is not working, how do I fix this?

Did you save and enable the script? Is this the first script you’ve used? If so, make sure you’ve read the Streamlabs Chatbot Documentation and have correctly done all the required steps needed, in order to use scripts. You need to have Python 2.7 installed to use scripts.

API / Client ID / Not Live / Errors!

This means something went wrong on Twitch’s end or you screwed up.
Click here and try Generating a New oAuth Token for the script.

When you generate a oAuth Token for the script:
You need to make sure you’re logged into Twitch with the account that you’re streaming on.
Otherwise the script will be trying to take clips of the wrong stream.
Also make sure to SAVE the script settings, after you add your token.

Don’t go to Streamlabs for support, just ask below, email me, or jump in my discord.

Change Log

  • Version: Released: Aug 17th. 2019
    Changes: Fixed Default API Error Message to Remove 404 Error

  • Version: Released: Apr 18th. 2019
    Changes: Fixed Missing Permissions and Removed Old Unused Permissions

  • Version: Released: Mar 5th. 2019
  • Changes: Fixed those few stupid lines of code that were breaking discord posting.

  • Version: Released: Feb 19th. 2019
  • Changes: Fixed issues for users with no points + Code Cleanup  + Better Error Responses + Misc Tweaks

  • Version: Released: Feb 8th. 2018
  • Changes: Quick Fix for User Cooldown Messages

  • Version: Released: Jan 3rd. 2018
  • Changes: Misc Fixes + FAQ’s + GUI Tweaks + More Custom Responses + Whisper & Discord DM Support + Fixed Clipping Twice

  • Version: Released: Jan 2nd. 2018
  • Changes: Misc Fixes + Send to Discord Option

  • Version: Released: Jan 2nd. 2018
  • Changes: Misc Fixes + Custom Responses + Command Cost + UserCooldown

  • Version: Released: Jan 1st. 2018
  • Changes: None, Initial Release

Planned Changes

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Add Delay Options to Fix Thumbnails
  • Possible Twitter Integration
  • Possible Web Hook Integration
  • Variable Overhaul/Redo/DerpLoL
  • Better Point Control + Add Rewards
  • Plus, many other things that I forgot lol

Where can I download this script from?

Since Streamlabs fired me they also removed all posts I ever made in their discord servers and forums.
So now you will need to download this script directly from me, via CLICKING HERE.


23 thoughts on “Clip Command Script for the Streamlabs Chatbot FAQ’s

  1. Hey! I was wondering if there could be a timer on the clip – since the chat is lagging behind stream, I’d love to be able to set to clip 10-15 seconds prior to the person hitting the !clip command


    1. Not really possible, as the Twitch Clip API that this uses, is basically just the same as pressing the clip button on the viewers end.
      Although I may make a way to set a delay, that way the streamer can do a special command, that will let them take a clip of the next X seconds, but that may be tricky to perfect, due to many factors.


  2. Hello, Thank you for this great script. After applying the latest version I can no longer get thumbnails to post on discord (they use to before). I’ve tried to restart from scratch but no luck. Any suggestions?


    1. the fix for this is a fucking pile of shit in all honesty.
      It would require me to basically add delays in the time it takes, after making the clip, to the time that it gets posted in chat, even though the clip is already made.
      I plan to do something to fix this via adding custom delays, but that shit is gonna fucking suck, mainly because I hate python, but I will get something out to fix that ish one of these here updates.


  3. SUGGESTION: !clip Thisisthecliptitle – I’m not sure if this script does that already, but would be so sick! and a QOL feature. The one thing i really hate is when my viewers clip and don’t name the clip! it drives me crazy so maybe you could possible code/script this in one of the upcoming updates!


    1. Most likely deleted, they removed all my posts when they fired me, for not contacting them soon enough after being in a car accident..
      Though I am updating this site slowly but surly, so I will try to put the file here for download once the site looks a little better.


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