The notable changes made!

– 09/23/2020 –

Updated the Clip Command to accept Discord Webhooks that were previously showing as invalid.

– 06/17/2020 –

Updated the Random Clips Page, to fix the issue with the embedded video not working as expected.
This broke because I forgot to update it with the Twitch API Changes mentioned in the update below.

– 06/10/2020 –

Implemented the required changes to allow the Twitch Chat to be Embedded on the Clip Command Links Page.
More information about these changes can be seen on Twitch’s dev blog post via clicking here.

– 06/03/2020 –

Changed how the Usage Statistics are calculated for the Clip Command to remove some of the channels that no longer use the command.

– 06/01/2020 –

Added DeepBot to the list of bots for the Clip Command that fully support thumbnail generation.
Special thanks to the Developer of DeepBot (expertsonline) for implementing a change that made this possible.

– 05/29/2020 –

Renamed the Clip Command Information Tab to Information + TOS
This is because some users seem to not read the TOS, this should help them see it.
Also renamed the Screenshots Tab to Discord Screenshots, because… It just seemed right.

– 05/22/2020 –

This may piss people off, but I don’t get paid to run this site, so it is what it is.
Added Google Ads in Most Pages. Although Ads will not show when users are logged in.
So if you wanna be nice, don’t use adblock on my site and maybe it will help fund the server costs.

– 05/19/2020 –

I have no fully removed the Streamlabs Clip Command Script from being used by new users.
This is due to the updated Clip Command API, which is a full replacement for that script.
Users will no longer be able to generate new tokens for the old Streamlabs Clip Command Script.
Attempts to do so, will send you to a Outdated Script Page which will explain how to resolve the issue.

– 05/15/2020 –

Added the message “A New Clip was Created By: <USERNAME>” to the Clip Command.
This is for the Discord Webhooks only at this time, you will need to generate a New API URL for it to work.
Hopefully this will work flawlessly for all chatbots, I only tested my bot, but I have faith in my code.
The only chatbot that I have doubts about, is Moobot, but who uses Moobot in 2020, lol idk whatever.

Slightly Tweaked/Updated the Frequent Questions, Information and Screenshots Tabs on the Clip Command Page.

– 05/07/2020 –

Added a proper landing page for the API Subdomain.

Fixed the Clip Command Discord Posting Formats that were broken when the site was translated.
Currently supported languages are: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Norwegian and Italian.
If your language is not listed, or if you have any issues, please let me know the language you’re having issues with.

– 05/01/2020 –

Updated the Clip Command Links Page (Page after Login)
This fixes the layout issues that randomly started happening late last night.

– 04/30/2020 –

Updated the Random Clip API. It will now load about 75% faster than before, yay!
You can also specify “?embed=false” or “?embed=true” at the end of the URL.
Useful for having a Chatbot post Random Clips into your Twitch or Discord Chat

Removed the OAuth Token Generator from the site, sorry!
The reason for this is, it will not work anymore with Twitch’s API Changes
For more information see:

Updated the Clip Command API Core Code.
Including the Force Disable of Thumbnail Generation for Cloudbots (see 04/28/2020 note below)

– 04/28/2020 –

Updated the Main Page, Frequent Questions, Future Plans and Information tabs for the Clip Command.

Started Force Disabling Clip Thumbnail Generation for Cloud Based Bots, since it will not work with them anyways.
This is still a work in progress though, as I have not gotten all the bots added just yet, it’s rather tricky honestly.

Minor layout changes for how comments are shown on mobile.

Grammatical fixes in Emails that are sent for comment subscriptions.

Changed the word Edit to Update in the Clip Command Links Page, to avoid confusion.

– 04/26/2020 –

Added this Change Log and filled in some past changes.

Did some site layout tweaks to make things easier to get to.

Added my OBS-Studio Auto Cam Switcher Script to the Projects page.

This is something that I will probably regret, but I did it anyways…
I unbanned over 1000 IP’s, including Russian and Chinese hackers.

– 04/25/2020 –

Clip Command URL Encryption is now Permanently Enabled for your protection!
That is why the option to disable it has been removed from the setup page.

– 04/24/2020 –

Clip Command Links Page (Page After Login) has been updated!
This adds the default Add/Edit Commands needed for each Chatbot.

– 03/31/2020 –

Tweaked the layout of the Clip Command Setup Page to reduce confusion.
Also did a small tweak to hide the Discord Webhook URL in case users show the page on stream.

– 02/01/2020 –

Today is My Birthday! I’m 35 years old now. FML

Enabled Discord Posting to the Clip Command API via Webhooks.

– 11/02/2019 –

Released my Private Clip Command API to the Public.

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