Twitch Clip Command Beta – Discord Webhook Setup

Enter the Discord Webhook URL for the Discord Channel where Clips will be Posted

Leave blank to disable sending clips to discord.

How to Create/Get your Discord Webhook URL

First choose the Discord Channel that you want your clips to be posted in. Once you have chosen the channel, right click the channel and click Edit Channel. From there you will want to click on Integrations, then Webhooks. If you’ve not already created a Webhook for the Clip Command, then you will want to then click New Webhook. Once you have a Webhook created you can then click the Copy Webhook URL button and paste that link in the input field above. That’s it, nothing more to it really. You can change your Webhook Avatar and Name any time you wish in the Webhook Settings on your Discord Server. I’m pretty sure you can even change the channel it posts to as well, but doing so may or may not change the Webhook URL, I’ve not tested that before. Now, you can send a Text Post via the button above!