The BreakCraft Client • 3,028 views

What is The BreakCraft Client?

The BreakCraft Client is a Old Minecraft Client that I made a long time ago. I stopped working on it due to my own personal lack of interest in MineCraft.

Does it still work?

As far as I know, yes it does still work on some servers. Although since this is something I haven’t worked on in a while, there are sure to be many bugs within the client that I’m not ever sure if the client will be useful to most people.

Why would I want this?

Well, I don’t know, maybe it was something that you used before and you liked it; or maybe you wanna use some of the source code to build off of things I had made but didn’t have time to finish.

OK so where can I download this?

Below you will find the links to the complied jar files as well as the source code for each version that was released. I keep this stuff public, because who knows maybe I will update it one day when I get bored. Plus I believe in opensource.

Source Code Files (Everything I changed and more!)

Compiled Jar Files (These Should Actually Work Still!)

Cracked Launchers (Play MC for Free!)

Resources (Things you might need!)